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QCraft v1 is getting set up!
Admin mollardq 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 3rd Dec 2013
We are pleased to announce that   v1 of QCraft is getting set up.  
The port forwarding has been done for free, no problems there; although we're dealing with a nasty dynamic public IP, it changes almost every day.  
A new member has joined us on the server: valentino (due to a cracked version of Minecraft has hasn't authenticated).  
The server is growing pretty well; we have to mining areas set up, "wood" and "mine". The WorldGuard trickery has been solved too, however we are looking for a better permissions plugin.  
YOU ARE NOW ABLE TO FIND DIAMONDS IN THE MINE!   A new shop is getting build too, with lots of new items to buy and sell in it (note that the rate of diamonds in "mine" is 0.5).  
Authentication is ready  ; there aren't any problems with the @mail system anymore; registered users will receive an email from ulyssemollard@gmail.com, with their password.   You are strongly recommended to change the given password after login.  This can be executed using /changepassword <old> <new>.

Read more:  http://mollardq.iclanwebsites.com/topic/qcraft-v1-is-getting-set-up-nea#ixzz2mS57dUNj

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