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Minecraft Version Update!
29th Jan 2014 · Admin mollardq · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

We have updated our server to Minecraft 1.7.2!
However, some plugins might not be fully compatible with this update; we're sorry if it causes any problems with your gameplay. We have also added a server icon!

QCraft v2.5: Thanks QCraft team!
27th Jan 2014 · Admin mollardq · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

This update, created with a lot of help form our Admin Team, includes:
- MobArena! A must try! For the moment, everyone can use all kits!
- Buycraft! (Check out our other post)
- Jail in DEV!
- Bug fixes & small changes!
- Better ranks! Buy them today at our store!

With this update, I offer my utmost respect to our staff, and free coupons will be given out randomly! Congratulations!

Again, thanks for "playing" with us! 

QCraft donations!
27th Jan 2014 · Admin mollardq · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Dear QCraft fans,
We finally got a DONATIONS plugin! If you donate, you can:
- Get VIP Membership!
- Get Helper Membership!
- Get Skyblock!
- Get special "donator" kits on MobArena! 
- Get exclusive permissions, such as flying!
- Help keep QCraft growing to be an amazing server!

Thanks again, QCraft team, for your continued support!

QCraft v2.2 is out!
19th Jan 2014 · Admin mollardq · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

After a lot of energy, time and entertainment, we have finally been able to release you QCraft v2.2 which includes:

- A FUNCTIONAL Water Polo! (with a lot of help from Daniel_Neef1701)
- ALPHA Skyblock! (not very functional but still fun)
- NEW members!
- Some minor tweaks, fixes and improvements.

Thanks again for being a member on our server!

Greetings, Q and co.

25th Dec 2013 · Admin mollardq · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

We have updated QCraft to v2!

- A new spawn: A new spawn has been built by a very active member: Daniel_Neef1701! Go check it out!

- A new world...: The original map has been deleted and we are now making a much better one including water polo, paintball, bow games and very soon much more!

- Authentication no longer requires an email: however, this can change in the future!

- The "jail" has been not yet been implemented: We are planning on adding it soon!

- Basic Permissions are finished: But we'll need to seriously edit them later.

Again, thanks for signing up for QCraft!

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